Maximise your online potential by unleashing a fully loaded SEO page that ranks higher than your competitors website.

How it Works

It’s a standalone SEO page built separately from your main website.
A page that laser focuses on one of your products / services. 
Fully loaded with search engine optimisation tactics.
Primed to get in front of the right audience.

Main Website

SEO Page

The SEO Page


The SEO Page will stick to the same branding and colour theme as your existing website, and will focus primarily on a chosen product or service. Matching keywords are strategically placed throughout the page to help reach people that search for your product or service.

Design Features

Focused Keywords

Written Content

One of the most important aspects of search engine optimisation is written content. A lot of websites look the part, but are lacking in written content, this is a sure way of getting ignored by Google.

Introducing our website content writer

Expect approximately 400 to 500 words with carefully placed keywords throughout. Designed to keep visitors engaged and fully informed whilst also getting the attention of popular search engines.

It's in the Domain Name

After establishing the most efficient keyword for your page we swiftly register a new domain name that matches. This gives your SEO Page a unique web address that contains your keyword.

www. homerenovations rootcanaltreatment tyrebalancing boilerreplacement mathstutor architectservices washandblowdry fittedkitchens restaurantintown  .com

Track Your Success

We implement Google analytics into your page so you can see how many visitors your getting whenever you wish.
Your success is our success…

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