Loughrey Stoneworks

Upon embarking on our journey with Loughrey Stoneworks, we were immediately struck by the timeless elegance and quality of their stone products.

Project Overview

Our project with Loughrey Stoneworks aimed to create an online showcase that mirrors the elegance and sophistication of their stone products.

Focused on delivering a seamless web design and ecommerce solution, we integrated WordPress for its versatility, along with custom product measuring tools to enhance customer experience.

A dynamic blog system was also implemented to share insights, tips, and the rich heritage behind their products.


In designing the website for Loughrey Stoneworks, we aimed to capture the essence of their craftsmanship and the natural beauty of stone.

The design features a clean, elegant layout that highlights their product range and makes navigation intuitive. High-quality images showcase the texture and detail of the stone, creating an immersive online catalog.

The color scheme and typography were carefully chosen to reflect the company's branding, ensuring a cohesive and professional online presence.

Technical Aspects

On the technical front, the website was built on WordPress, allowing for easy content management and scalability.

We incorporated an ecommerce platform tailored to their unique product range, including custom measuring tools that enable customers to specify dimensions accurately.

Security features were prioritized to protect customer data and transactions.

The blog system, integrated into the website, allows for easy publishing of articles, engaging the community and driving organic traffic.

Responsive design ensures the site is accessible on various devices, offering an optimal viewing experience across all platforms.

Through this project, Loughrey Stoneworks not only solidifies its reputation as a leader in the stone industry but also extends its reach to customers nationwide, offering a convenient and informative online shopping experience

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