Cunneen Commercial Vehicle Solutions

Right from the beginning, working with Cunneen Commercial Vehicle Solutions was all about innovation.

Project Overview

Our collaboration with Cunneen Commercial Vehicle Solutions aimed to encapsulate their ethos of reliability and customer satisfaction into a digital format.

The project revolved around creating a dynamic and engaging website on WordPress, showcasing their tailored Tilt & Slide solutions.

We focused on categorizing their services effectively, highlighting their portfolio with strategic image customizations, including blurred backgrounds for a refined visual appeal.


The design phase was guided by the principle of reflecting Cunneen's commitment to excellence and customer-centric solutions.

We chose a clean, professional layout that facilitates easy navigation while embodying the robustness of their truck solutions.

Attention was paid to the portfolio page, where services are showcased through high-quality images with selective blurring effects.

This technique not only enhances the visual impact but also directs viewers' focus to the central elements of each solution.

Technical Aspects

On the technical side, the website was developed using WordPress, enabling easy content management and scalability.

We implemented custom post types for services and portfolio entries to ensure a structured and intuitive user experience.

Image customization played a significant role, requiring advanced CSS techniques for the blurred background effects, aiming to highlight the meticulous details of Cunneen's solutions without overwhelming the viewer.

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