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The concept of a comprehensive home survey service was not only intriguing but also filled with possibilities. It was an exciting opportunity to create a digital platform that mirrors the meticulous attention to detail this service provides to its clients.

Project Overview

The Check My House project aimed to develop a WordPress-based website that was both informative and engaging.

Our focus was on creating a user-friendly interface that elegantly presented detailed property surveys. Key features included clear, inviting call-to-actions and a streamlined, easy-to-navigate design. The incorporation of contact forms was essential, ensuring seamless communication between the Check My House team and potential clients.


The design phase for Check My House was centered around creating a visual narrative that resonated with homeowners.

We opted for a clean, modern aesthetic that mirrored the professionalism and thoroughness of their property surveys. The layout was crafted to guide users effortlessly through the site, with strategic placement of call-to-actions to encourage user engagement. Visual elements were carefully selected to evoke a sense of reliability and trust, crucial for a service that delves into the personal realm of one's home.

Technical Aspects

From a technical standpoint, the website was built on WordPress, a platform chosen for its flexibility and ease of content management.

Special attention was given to ensuring the site was responsive and performed optimally across various devices and browsers. The integration of contact forms was a key feature, implemented to streamline inquiries and bookings. We also focused on search engine optimization (SEO) to enhance online visibility, ensuring that homeowners seeking survey services would easily find Check My House. The technical architecture was designed to be robust yet user-friendly, allowing for easy updates and maintenance by the Check My House team.

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